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It's also been more than a neighbourhood - a home away from home for many who may feel marginalised because of their sexuality. Perhaps this is why the killings have hit the community especially hard, says Soofia Mahmood, a spokesperson for Thea community centre that helped organise the vigil.

Toronto star small business reporters

But recent allegations surrounding the suicide of award-winning reporter Raveena Aulakh open the organization up to questions about whether its own practices are adequate and how a company should respond when employees raise allegations of inappropriate behaviour.

Her relationship with a co-worker — a newsroom leader, although not her direct manager — had ended after she discovered he was having an affair with another senior editor, his boss. On May 2, Aulakh wrote of her disillusionment with the organization she had once loved.

In her own words, Aulakh alleged that a senior manager was unwilling to report allegations of inappropriate activity in order to protect a colleague.

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Finally, e-mails provided to the Post, and corroborated by interviews with more than a dozen former and current Toronto Star employees, allege that the editor at the centre of the tragedy — Jon Filson, with whom Aulakh had a five-year relationship — had engaged in inappropriate behaviour with women in the workplace stretching back to the mids, in addition to behaviour that some staff say constituted bullying and harassment.

I used to love that newsroom, it was my refuge. In an article Filson wrote last month for The Walrus, he said that he and Aulakh began a relationship in early Both were 37 at the time. The affair began while he was married, he wrote, and he eventually separated from his wife because he wanted to be with Aulakh.

Filson said he last communicated with Aulakh in early May. On June 15, Daly wrote to staff that he and Bower had looked at two issues: As a result of the first investigation, Daly said in a memo to newsroom staff that Filson and Davenport were no longer working in the newsroom.

Filson is currently not employed by the Star, while the company said Davenport would move to a role outside the newsroom though the Star has yet to announce that role.

Earlier this month, the Star amended its policy on workplace relationships, saying those engaged in a close personal relationship with a direct or indirect report must declare a conflict of interest.

The source says the emails were never sent.

In an email to the Post, Honderich said he received emails written by Aulakh from several sources, but would not address the specific allegation. She wrote that McAuley told her she would only pursue a complaint against Filson if he did something in the workplace that posed a threat to someone other than Davenport, and if Davenport defended him.

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toronto star small business reporters

Jobs, companies, people, and articles for LinkedIn’s Journalist - Toronto Star members Social Media Marketing for Small Business. Course by . Toronto’s LGBT community grieves after one of their own is charged with targeting and killing gay men.

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