The golden thread essay

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The golden thread essay

Richmond, Virginia bmoregnr said: While researching more about the mixing consoles they used for the PA, it naturally led to those used for the 2-track recordings. As I learned more about those, it became a little clearer maybe why so many of them sound so great.

This post will get a bit into this, but will ultimately become a two part-er to try and answer yet another question that arose. The manual of the MX, same guts different cosmetics, is an interesting read, http: Now the important thing is, in what if any way did it contribute to the good tapes made.

The mixer had no pan pots, which degrade the signal, and a microphone was assigned left, center, or right-and here too, none of the mics were equalized; all sounds were pure.

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They were 4 mic tube preamp mixers with nice big rotary faders. This small quality mixer was made for classic location recording. It was simple and very quiet.

It had quite a good dynamic range. When connected together the four units allowed me twelve mic or line inputs with a simple choice of left, right or both channels- from each input.

There was no eq, no panpots. I rarely used the both-channel feed option, preferring to have each mic feed just one of the two channels.

A lot of them sound fantastic. So back to Betty, what was she using for the coveted Betty Boards?

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Just love that Nagra at 15 ips NM. When was that exactly? Would going from tubes to solid state have any impact? Sure there are tons of other factors but still we are GD damned listening pros here. When did the switch happen? Maybe someone here knows already, maybe it is written on a tape box in the vault or a trunk somewhere, or even better someone here knows who to ask.

The golden thread essay

Part II a little later.My new essay for @Wired on how "It's the Golden Age of Free Speech"—except our ideals and battles about "free speech" are now about *attention*, not speech. Besides, can . Joan London’s third novel, The Golden Age, is about the love between Frank and Elsa, two polio-stricken children at a rehabilitation facility in suburban Perth in the early s.

Frank, or Ferenc, is a Hungarian refugee who makes the connection between illness and his time as a fugitive hiding in a ceiling in war-ravaged Budapest: “he could still sense that time in the ceiling somewhere. Transforming media into collaborative spaces with video, voice, and text commenting.

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Oct 17,  · So that'll be the golden word of this thread, predatory. Rewatching the Blade Runner scene when it was brought up in that thread lead me to this video essay which I think sums up predatory romance quite well.

The golden thread essay

It's lengthy, but you can skim through it and still get the highlights. I was moved to tears by the insights and expressed. We truly become what we LOVE. May we embrace and be responsive to the Spirit.

“What we choose to embrace, to be responsive to, is the purest reflection of who we are and what we love.

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