Submitting cover letters online

Writing Your Key Selection Criteria Responses By Sue Stevens Many people applying for government jobs for the first time may not be aware of the importance of selection criteria responses, or how to approach them. These are a critical part of most government applications and essential to creating an outstanding application. Fulfilling the selection criteria to the satisfaction of the selection committee is the only way you can make it across the line to the next stage of the recruitment process — the interview.

Submitting cover letters online

The Foundation's mission is to aid, internationally, those individuals who have worked as professional artists over a significant period of time. There are no deadlines. The Foundation encourages applications from artists who have genuine financial needs that are not necessarily catastrophic.

Grants are intended for a one-year period of time.

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The Foundation will consider need on the part of an applicant for all legitimate expenditures relating to his or her professional work and personal living, including medical expenses.

The size of the grant is determined by the individual circumstances of the artist. Professional exhibition history will be taken into consideration.

Artists must be actively exhibiting their current work in professional artistic venues, such as gallery and museum spaces. The Foundation does not make grants to students or fund academic study. The Foundation does not make grants to pay for past debts, legal fees, the purchase of real estate, moves to other cities, personal travel, or to pay for the costs of installations, commissions or projects ordered by others.

Artists are required to submit a cover letter, an application, and images of current work. All completed applications will be promptly acknowledged and considered.

If further information is required after the completed application has been received, the artist will be contacted directly by the staff. Further information including financial data may be requested at any time during the review process.

The application process can take from nine months to a year. All reapplicants must send images of work not previously submitted. The procedure requires that grantees who reapply must wait 12 months from the end of their grant period.

Reapplicants who were previously declined must wait at least 12 months from the date of their application letter to reapply. The month waiting period may be waived for reapplicants applying under emergency circumstances.

Past recipients of our grants should understand that the Foundation does not wish to become an instrument of extended or permanent support for particular individuals.

Recipients who reapply must have either circumstances so changed as to warrant further support or have a genuine emergency situation.

It is not the policy of The Pollock-Krasner Foundation to release the names of grantees without the artist's permission; however, the law requires disclosure of this information and of taxable income to the Internal Revenue Service, which in turn, has the obligation of making such information publicly available.

Can I use it? We no longer accept paper applications. Artists wishing to apply for the grant should do so via our online application and guidelines. Is my information kept private when I apply online? All information provided to The Pollock-Krasner Foundation will be held in strict confidence.

We use the information from your grant application solely to evaluate your request. How secure is the Web site that is handling the online application process? MicroEdge provides this service in the form of a hosted Web-based application service provider ASP solution.

SSL is used to ensure end-to-end security and encryption of all data traveling from the applicant's browser to the IGAM server. What will I be required to submit with my application form? The following items are required with your application.

Attachments 1 - 4 must be sent as Microsoft Word Documents.

Submitting cover letters online

Digital images must be sent as JPG. Please use a legible font type and size for all documents. Indicate how the funds you seek will be used to advance your artistic career and well-being as a creative artist.

This letter and other materials must be completed in English. There is no length requirement for the cover letter. Make sure that you are sending a final draft of your cover letter. Your name must be included on this document. Please use the following format for the file name: Your exhibition history must be in chronological order with the most recent exhibitions first.

Separate solo shows and group shows into their own sections. Please be sure to include your name on this document.Cover Letters: When submitting your resume via e-mail — unless instructed otherwise — precede the text of your ASCII resume with a brief cover letter.

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The Pollock-Krasner Foundation's dual criteria for grants are recognizable artistic merit and demonstrable financial need, whether professional, personal or both. The Foundation's mission is to aid, internationally, those individuals who have worked as professional artists over a significant period of time.

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