Steel industry research paper

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Steel industry research paper

Posted on December 26,1: The economic effects of the steel labor unions on the steel industry in the U. At the same time the power of labor unions in powerful industries and the mechanism protecting the level of life of workers in this industry are rather strong compared to other industries.

Though currently the role of labor unions is somewhat decreasing, they are playing a leading role in the formation of production costs; and it is natural that a lot of Steel industry research paper state that it was primarily the formation of labor unions and the consequence of their actions that the companies started losing in efficiency and competitive force.

Main thesis of the research paper is that labor unions were only partly responsible for the downfall of steel industry and that current situation depends mostly on the factors that are not related with the actions of labor unions. The statistical evidence illustrating the output in steel industry in different groups of countries is given to support the thesis and the main driving forces of international and local steel production are analyzed.

The role of labor unions and other factors is compared and the conclusion is made that current situation in steel production is defined mostly by the global relation between capacity and demand for steel, and other corresponding factors.

In spite of its huge size, the U. These factories were hard to extend and reconstruct. This would have be a good time to close these old, awry located factories and redirect available funds into more productive sphere. Nevertheless, hidden social demand and the military needs of the War in Korea made influence on the production to extend rapidly.

In such a situation, the president of the US, Truman asked the assistance of exporters from Western Europe in order to lessen the closeness of the market. The building or rebuilding of steel production in the countries, which were main competitors and rivals of American companies in the world market such as Europe, Japan, the USSR, led to the decrease of the market share of the US from 40 percent into 20 percent inand resulted in 12 percent last year.

While the production increased about 50 million ingot tons capacity in s, the major part of this increasing was the result of the expansion of existing factories 5, p. Substantial amounts were spent on factories that were constructed many years ago and naturally decreased in size and were poorly equipped.

As a rule, they were frequently not well located as markets were mainly concentrated in Southern and Western parts of the US. The only plant built at that period of time in the country, was the US Steel Fairless works in eastern Pennsylvania.

Its capacity was about 4 million tons. By the way, the company was not unique.

Steel industry research paper

There were also a few other quite large companies that worked in the region. Actually, during ss, the U.

It would in any case have taken extraordinary tolerance on management, if there were no depression conditions, it could be hardly possible to shut down old factories basically situated in remote and isolated regions and were vitally important for local communities, which, in fact, existed only due to these factories.

Such closures became easier when they could be accused in foreign commerce practices permanently engendering protests from the part of union officials, local political forces, and other politically and socially active part of the communities.


History of labor union movement in steel industry After the war the country was overwhelmed by a number of strikes which involved practically the whole nation.

Employers stood on the ground that unions had too much power. Fortunately for them, Congress supported their position. So, after the World War II steel managers have been involved in an exhausting struggle with labor unions, mainly the United Steel workers, over demands for higher salaries.

Also fringe benefit added for more union control over the work place. Naturally, being in such a problematic situation, American government entered the confrontation since it had put influence on the companies.

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Such reaction seemed to be quite natural because it was more preferable for the government to do this in order to prevent strikes organized by unions which could deteriorate if not destroy economy of the whole country.A Brief Analysis of The Steel Industry - Steel Industry In the early part of this century was a time when industry was booming with growth around the installation of major railroads.

A new research report Indian Steel Industry Outlook to says that the, Indian crude steel production will grow at a CAGR of around 10% during The demand for steel is a derived from the demand from other sectors like automobiles, consumer durables, and infrastructure.

Research Papers on the History of the Steel Industry Evolution of the Steel Industry Research papers on the changes in the steel industry and its management. A research paper on the changes in the steel industry and its evolution in management during first half of the 20th century.

A Brief Analysis of The Steel Industry - Steel Industry In the early part of this century was a time when industry was booming with growth around the installation of .

Steel industry research paper

Steel Industry Research Papers This is a SAMPLE paper topic on the Steel Industry. Steel industry projects should describe the significant changes that occurred to the steel industry in terms of its evolution in management during the first half of the 20th century.

Steel Industry Research Paper This sample Steel Industry Research Paper is published for educational and informational purposes only.

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