Research paper on individual learners

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Research paper on individual learners

It plays a vital role in the development of human capital and is linked with an individual well-being and opportunities for better living.

It ensures the acquisition of knowledge and skills that enable individual to increase their productivity and improve their quality of life. Success as the name implies is wished for by everybody but it is not easily come by on a mere platter of gold; one must work for it through hard work and diligence.


Schools, college, polytechnic and universities have no worth without student. The student performance play an important role in producing the best quality graduates who will become great leaders and manpower for a country thus responsible for the country economic and social development, Ali et al. It has long been recognized that in the process of learning the study habits of the student plays an important role in their academic performance.

Learning is reflected in the way a student respond to environment, social, emotional and physical stimuli and understands new information.

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Study habits are learning tendencies that enable students to work privately. Good define the term study habits as: Going by this definition it literally means that good study habit produces positive academic performance while inefficient study habit leads to academic failure.

In Nigeria, there are so many factors influencing the ability of students to cultivate effective and efficient study habit.

Research paper on individual learners

Ozmert emphasized the importance of environmental influence as a major factor in the development of students studying habit. In the same vein, Adetunji and Oladeji submit that the environment of most children is not conducive for studying; it is in the light of this that made some parents to prefer their children to go to boarding school for proper discipline and to inculcate better reading habit.

According to Hussain secondary school students in public schools often come from economically poor and average income families. These families face various problems causing emotional disturbance among their children.

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They have poor academic performance. This singular factor has caused serious damage to the achievement status to secondary school students. Essentially, the National Policy on education Federal Republic of Nigeria, has identified school achievement contents according to school subjects which are classified as core or elective subjects.

Good study habits are essential ingredients for excellent academic performances for every student.

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For study to be effective, Freeman and Mors have observed that it should be regular, intense and should cover long periods.

The habits of studying must be a sustainable one, for that matter students must see the need to develop good study habits. Although studies abound on the causative and predictive nature of factors of study habit on students academic achievement, all factors of the variables tend to focus on poor study habit while the effect is yet to be fully accessed on the nations educational development.

Study habits are important as they influence the academic performance of students so parents and teachers must help in improving the study habits of students.

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However, these might not be the main reasons why students perform poorly in examinations. It is clear from all indications that most secondary school students have poor study habit which might lead to poor academic performance.

As true as this might sound, it is yet to gather adequate research evidence to prove that it is a key factor on why students fail. This general aim is expressed in the following specific objectives which are to:Future Work Skills University Avenue, 2nd Floor, Palo Alto, CA Institute for the Future for the University of Phoenix Research Institute.

The language learner as an individual: Implications of research on individual differences for the ESL teacher. In M.

A. Clarke & J. Handscombe (Eds.), On TESOL ' Pacific perspectives on language learning and teaching (pp. –).

The Individual Education Plan is a specific academic and behavioral plan which addresses specific goals for every special needs child. The process itself has been revised over and over and today is fairly standard, varying only slightly from state to state. Short description of Krashen's 5 main hypotheses on second language acquisition with comments in Portuguese. Learning is a dynamic and developmental situation that is situated in a social context and therefore it is important that “learners are interactive agents” that s why cooperative learning is the best model to use in promoting learning relationship among students.

Conducting research on the relationship between high school students and teachers may be essential in improving the outcomes of low-income middle and high school students, and can potentially inform future interventions to help older students perform better both academically and socially.

Through the Social Development Theory, Vygotsky states that the cultural development of a child is firstly on the social level called interpsychological, and secondly on the individual or personal level called intrapsychological. b) how own planning meets the individual needs of learners () c) ways in which teaching and learning plans can be adapted to meet the individual needs of learners (ref).

5 2. Sivin-Kachala’s Review of the Research Jay Sivin-Kachala () reviewed research studies from to to assess the effect of technology on learning and achievement across all learning domains and all ages of learners.

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