Ora-00439 feature not enabled materialized view re write a sentence

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Ora-00439 feature not enabled materialized view re write a sentence

Oracle9i Database README Release Notes, Release

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ora-00439 feature not enabled materialized view re write a sentence

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Ornithopods dia, sin. ORA feature not enabled. Clearly, this updatable snapshot can only be created in the Enterprise Edition, and any changes made directly on this snapshot will be reflected back to the master table.

A feature common to all of the test frameworks we’ve looked at is that, at the moment, we have some functions which look as if they would be useful for other tests that we need to write, not just the ones we’re currently running.

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In addition, the developer is attempting to create the materialized view with query rewrite. The problem is we are running Oracle9i Release 2 Standard Edition in which QUERY REWRITE is not an enabled feature.

ORA feature not enabled: Materialized view rewrite. CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW LOG ON acquisitions TABLESPACE users WITH PRIMARY KEY INCLUDING NEW VALUES; I am trying to create a materialized view log on my master table acquisition.

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Failed to create a materialized view log on master table. ORA feature not enabled: Advanced replication - "feature not enabled: %s" *Cause. Similar Questions.

ora-00439 feature not enabled materialized view re write a sentence

Create a view using the table. Hi all. I am beginner in Oracle. I have a two-column table that I use to create a view documents/statement once it meets the qualification.

ORA Feature Not Enabled when rebuilding index ONLINE