No pain no gain

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No pain no gain

No Pain, No Gain? Its certainly catchy and its thrown around at gyms everywhere. Does it mean that if you feel pain that you are going to gain muscle? Is more pain better? Is all pain a sign of growth or is some pain bad? Some Basics First It would help if you understood the following information: Joint Pain First off, lets clear this up.

Pain is your bodies alarm system, when it goes off — you better listen to it!

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If you continue to push hard thru joint pain you will seriously injure yourself and cut your bodybuilding career veeeeeery short. If you have joint pain, stop whatever it is you are doing which is causing the pain!

Try different angles, different grip positions, or reducing ROM to make the pain stop. Now lets talk about muscular pain. Bad Muscular Pain Any muscle pain which is sharp, starts suddenly, or occurs as a bolt of pain is ALWAYS bad and is probably the sign that a serious injury has occurred.

Tears an separations would cause this kind of pain. If you have sudden or sharp, lightning bolt like pain in a muscle, stop immediately and have somebody run to get you an big ice pack and ibuprofen to help minimize the injury damage.

Then get yourself to a doctor. Good Muscular Pain Now lets talk about some kinds of good pain that can be indicators of a successful workout. Before we go into the kinds of good pain, I need to clarify here.

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There has never been research which proves these types of pain cause muscle growth, in fact, many people have gotten stronger and bigger without ever getting sore. Having said that, in my experience the most intense workouts produce the most soreness and workout intensity seems to correlate with strength and mass gains.

OK, lets talk about the good kinds of pain that we are striving for. The first good pain is the one that occurs at the end of a set. This is good pain caused by the lactic acid buildup in your muscles.

The reason this pain is good is that its a good indicator that you are pushing yourself hard enough to cause muscle growth. If you workout with sufficient intensity, you get micro-tears in muscles which the body then has to repair.

During the healing process, these muscles can get very sore. This soreness is delayed DOMS and can take days after the workout to appear and can take up to a week to go away depending on the intensity of the workout.

DOMS appears to be a good indication of the effectiveness of the workout.

No pain no gain

That wonderful soreness you feel is your muscles being rebuilt — bigger, faster, stronger! By the way, that soreness should be a constant reminder that you need to pay strict attention to your nutrition to insure that your muscles have a constant supply of all the nutrients and amino acids they need to grow.

If you workout hard and then eat potatoes chips for 5 days your workout was a complete waste of time. For me, I always can get sore when doing arms, chest, lats, and legs but shoulders and calves never get sore.

By the way, I strongly suggest that you wait till all muscle soreness is gone before you workout that muscle again. The soreness is a sign that the muscle is still being repaired and made stronger, If you workout before the repairs are complete you wont be able to lift with sufficient intensity.

If you want to hurry the healing and make the soreness go away so you can work out again, DONT take ibuprofen — that just masks the pain. Studies have shown that stretching does not seem to help the swelling and pain associated with DOMS so that wont work either.

Studies HAVE shown that massage does help speed the healing process so if your in a big rush to get rid of the soreness and have lots of money, go for sports massages. Measuring how good a workout was So, where are we? How do you know if you had a good workout?

Even if you workout hard 7 days a week with strict nutrition, the most muscle you can hope to add is lbs a year which is about 8oz a month. There is no way you can measure that small amount of muscle gain given the large daily fluctuations i weight.

Heck, I can gain 5lbs in 10min by eating salty fries and drinking a double big gulp.No Grain, No Pain: A Day Diet for Eliminating the Root Cause of Chronic Pain [Peter Osborne] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “A must-read book for anyone suffering from chronic pain” (Sara Gottfried, MD), No Grain.

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We have all heard the phrase: "No pain, no gain." In fact, it seems like a corner stone of every gym. Do you know who said it first?

Take this little. No Pain, No Gain is the episode 1a of Rocko's Modern Life from the show's first season. Rocko is exercising in his house by himself, following instructions given by a creature on television.

No pain no gain

He begins sweating rapidly. Heffer rings the doorbell. Rocko walks over to the door and opens it. Heffer.

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