Natural semantic metalanguage

This is supposed to establish their status as 'semantic primes' - items that are further inexplainable and from which other meanings can be built. This in itself is dubious because concepts such as "I, you" may appear as lexical items in all languages but they often do not describe the same oppositions as in English. Also, some of the verbs like 'do' and 'move' do not have the same level of generality across languages - so definitions using them in English tend to be a lot easier to deal with than those formulated in other languages.

Natural semantic metalanguage

With her team, she compared thirteen divergent languages and thus retained all words that could be found with exactly the same meaning. Lingua Naturae Wierzbicka refers to several authors to substantiate her claim on genetic semantics.

According to Eco, this language common to all humanity should be rediscovered or invented. Leibniz already saw the possibility of a universal semantic system, immediately accessible to everyone regardless of language, which would be based on a set of conceptual primitives.

Natural semantic metalanguage

This possibility, according to Leibniz, assumed a human brain that should be standard equipped with a set of simple key concepts, which, by combinations, comprises human thought.

The philosopher and linguist J. A meaning is the same synonym or is the opposite antonym. The linguist Geoffrey Leech says on this subject: Antonyms that seem to be included purely by chance.

Natural semantic metalanguage

The other words do not have antonyms in this list. There is no system of binary oppositions present. Lexicon and grammar Wierzbicka seems to assume that meaning is mainly given by the grammatical structures in which words are placed.

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An elementary wordlist in itself does not have to contain a logical structure of meaning, the structure is given mainly by the grammatical rules.

The reason for including a dictionary as a component of a semantic theory is precisely to provide a representation of the semantic characteristics of morphemes necessary to account for the facts about sentences and their interrelations that the grammar leaves unexplained.

The words in the lexicon must consist of semantic markers, which convey the elemental meaning. These markers must be logically connected.

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An inherited language should be present in our genetic material, and carry the genetic code. A semantic notation aiming to refer to an inner, natural, innate language, should contain a mathematical logical structure in line with the functioning of the brain and the nervous system. Perhaps she refers to the form of hierarchy she puts forward in the NSM theory.

There are simple concepts which by combination can generate an infinite number of complex ones. The rules for this combining are then given by the grammar, not by a mathematical structure of the lexicon itself. But this draft for a structure is not yet mathematical.

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Wierzbicka even opposes the natural language to mathematics: Orientation Mathematics The biologist Bogen states that every higher organism, such as plant, animal or human, originates from a single cell, the fertilized cell.

Investigations were conducted on the growth of bodies from the first cell.Given the universal nature of the list of semantic primes among languages, and of the grammar, every language has essentially the same natural semantic metalanguage, though each semantic prime sounds different among languages and the appearance of the syntax may differ.

The Natural Semantic Metalanguage (NSM) is a decompositional system of meaning representation based on e mpirically established universal semantic primes, i.e., simple indefin able meanings which.

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The NSM is the most well-developed, comprehensive and practical approach to cross-linguistic and. Jan 12,  · Maria Zijlstra is talking with Anna Wierzbicka on ABC radio about what Natural Semantic Metalanguage (NSM) is.

Follow us on Twitter: In effect, the combination of a set of semantic primes each representing a different basic concept, residing in minds with a propensity to acquire certain basic concepts, and a common set of rules for combining those concepts into meaningful messages, constitutes a natural semantic prime language, or natural semantic metalanguage.

In English. This paper examines the account of metaphor developed within the Natural Semantic Metalanguage (NSM) framework. It is claimed by this view that metaphorical content is paraphraseable, and that the use of metaphor can be described via a cultural script.

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