Jude by kate morgenroth

Gets kind of draggy quickly, though. May 18, Humberto Cnca rated it it was amazing Recommends it for:

Jude by kate morgenroth

How did you get the idea to write JUDE? With all my other books, I could say how I first came up with the idea. For almost all of them, it was either something I read, or something someone else said which made me ask myself a question—and the book was the answer to that question well, not exactly the answer, but the exploration of that question.

In fact, when I first started writing it, it was a different book altogether.

Jude by kate morgenroth

It started out as a story about a private investigator-- but how it became a story about a teenage boy who was kidnapped by his father, I have no memory. It happened while I was writing and rewriting and rewriting some more.

One of these days I would like to try to unearth my old computer and look up the old versions to see if I could maybe trace back how it happened. Is JUDE based on something that really happened?

No, I didn't base the book on a true story. I also got a letter from a reader who said Jude's story was very much like his brother's. Their father is a DA, and his brother got arrested and sent to jail on a drug charge.

What I take from this is that if you can imagine it, it has probably happened to someone somewhere. How long did it take you to write JUDE?

Jude took about three years to write all together. About eight months to write the first draft, then the rest of the time rewriting and more rewriting and yet more rewriting. Jude was a bit of a problem book, and it needed a lot of revisions. A big theme-- probably the biggest-- in the book is about how Jude's perception of his mother changes from someone to look up to and to impress, to someone who is just human and fallible and in fact may be even more lost than he is in some ways.

I think Jude's journey of perception is one that every person needs to make, and it happens at different times for different people.

When you're very young you see your parents almost like gods. And then as you grow up, you start to see them for what they are-- just people. That often happens when you're a teenager, but sometimes it's later. He was so concerned about was not being like his father.

And yet, as much as he tried to deny it, there was something of his father in him. It didn't come out until he was put in an extreme situation, but it was there.

So there's the idea of inheritance.

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Not just blue eyes or blond hair, but personality, morals, etc. What do you think about the old adage, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree? Do you want to be? In Jude's case, his father was abusive. I think it's fascinating and disturbing that abuse is something that can get handed down so that the person who is abused as a child might grow up to be an abuser.

What symbolism did you use in JUDE? I think a lot of the symbolism in literature happens at the subconscious level. I always find it a bit heavy handed when writers put in elements that seem to scream, "This is symbolic.

But just off the top of my head, I think that Jude's fighting was symbolic. He fights in a literal sense, but he's also fighting on a lot of other levels. He's fighting against his situation, his feelings, the society that has labeled and condemned him, against being like his father though ironically, the literal fighting actually makes him more like his father.

I think in the end, the real transformation for Jude is that he stops fighting. Not just the literal fighting, but he stops fighting against the way things are.

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Instead he learns to accept everything-- even the hard stuff.Kate Morgenroth is the author of Jude ( avg rating, ratings, reviews, published ), They Did It with Love ( avg rating, ratings, /5().

May 11,  · Read Jude by Kate Morgenroth by Kate Morgenroth by Kate Morgenroth for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android "Listen, you're young. We don't send kids to jail.

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If you had something to do with this, it's better to tell us. Then we can help you.5/5(4). Jan 01,  · The novel Jude by Kate Morgenroth is an enticing, exciting and exuberating read. It depicts the story of a troubled adolescent whose life is tinged with drugs, scandals, and death before the coincidental reunion with his estranged mother, Anna after his father’s murder/5.

Apr 26,  · Jude's gripping story is at once moving and horrifying as it traces a young man's quest for acceptance and his incredible capacity for hope and resilience.

Jude by kate morgenroth

Kate Morgenroth, whose adult novels have been called "nearly impossible to put down" by Time Out New York and "compulsively readable" by Entertainment Weekly, here shows more of her Author: Owl Review A Book. Jun 18,  · I need a summary the book Jude by Kate Morgenroth.

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Jude took about three years to write all together. About eight months to write the first draft, then the rest of the time rewriting and more rewriting and yet more rewriting. Jude was a bit of a problem book, and it needed a lot of revisions.

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