Index of industrial production

For the first time, the weighting diagram with base took into account the contribution of the unregistered manufacturing sector along with that of the registered sector. After interpolating the GVA at the 2-digit level for the yearfurther allocation at the 3-digit and 4-digit levels of NIC has been done using the ratios of surveys, it being in close proximity to The total contribution at 2, 3 and 4-digit level of NIC has been arrived at by using registered sector data along with data for the unregistered sector for the corresponding groups and sub-groups.

Index of industrial production

Market Groups The major market groups posted mixed results in October. The index for consumer goods moved up 0. The output of industrial materials edged down, as gains for both durables and nondurables were outweighed by a decline for energy materials.

Industry Groups Manufacturing output moved up 0. The output of durables advanced 0. Nondurables posted a gain of 0.

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The output of other manufacturing publishing and logging fell 1. Mining output declined 0. The index for utilities moved down 0. Capacity utilization for manufacturing edged up in October to The utilization rate for mining fell to The operating rate for utilities moved down to Revision of Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization The Federal Reserve Board plans to issue its annual revision to the index of industrial production IP and the related measures of capacity utilization around the end of the first quarter of The Economic Census for will not be available from the U.

Census Bureau by earlyso no new annual benchmark data will be included for manufacturing. Other annual data, including information on the mining of metallic and nonmetallic minerals except fuelswill be incorporated.

Index of industrial production

The updated IP indexes will include revisions to the monthly indicator either product data or input data and to seasonal factors for each industry. In addition, the estimation methods for some series may be changed. Any modifications to the methods for estimating the output of an industry will affect the index from to the present.

Capacity and capacity utilization will be revised to incorporate data through the fourth quarter of from the U. Geological Survey, the U. Department of Energy, and other organizations.

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The statistics in this release cover output, capacity, and capacity utilization in the U. Manufacturing comprises NAICS manufacturing industries sector plus the logging industry and the newspaper, periodical, book, and directory publishing industries.

Logging and publishing are classified elsewhere in NAICS under agriculture and information respectivelybut historically they were considered to be manufacturing and were included in the industrial sector under the Standard Industrial Classification SIC system.In the United States, industrial production measures the output of businesses integrated in industrial sector of the economy.

Manufacturing is the most important sector and accounts for 78 percent of total production. Industrial production refers to the volume of output generated by industrial sectors such as mining, manufacturing, energy and public utilities.

Industrial Production Industries that mainly contributed to a decreased caninariojana.comort equipment, caninariojana.coml-purpose, production and business oriented machinery, and steel, in that order.

The index is compiled on a monthly basis to bring attention to short- term changes in industrial production,. It measures movements in production output and highlights structural developments in the economy. (1) Growth in the production index from month to month is . The industrial production index (IPI) is a monthly economic indicator measuring real output in the manufacturing, mining, electric and gas industries, relative to a base year.

The Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington DC. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. The Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States, provides the nation with a safe, flexible, and stable monetary and financial system.

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