Global operations integrated business planning analyst

He has been leading and continues to lead Jg Containers Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a glass manufacturing company in Klang, Selangor for more than 15 years. He led his team to revive the company and succeeded in achieving four folds revenue increase over the last 10 years. He worked with the group for more than 10 years in two stints in various functional areas including Personnel and Administration, Business Planning, Secretarial and Corporate Finance function in India.

Global operations integrated business planning analyst

global operations integrated business planning analyst

Reliable production from all your oil and gas resources. High total recovery at a lower cost. And greater certainty about future performance. Our oil and gas analytics can help you refine strategies for: Design and execute high-quality wells, mitigate drilling hazards and reduce nonproductive time with advanced drilling analytics.

Make smart choices that improve completions efficiency by delving into the complexity of reservoir parameter variability. Incorporate well surveillance and predictive models into forecasts to improve short- and long-term estimates of ultimate recovery.

Well and well portfolio value optimization. Conduct reservoir simulations of dynamic flow and well-buildup processes to improve economic portfolio value calculations.

Save Time and Lower Costs to Increase Profitability

Identify wells that are good candidates for optimized workover strategies. Interpret high volumes of seismic attributes to optimize your production and field development strategies. Counter the risks and costs inherent in oilfield exploration. Improve your reserve exploitation strategies.

Share probabilistic results in a dashboard view that encourages collaboration. And get better results — from planning to production.

With oil and gas analytics from SAS, you can: See the full picture. Adopt a data integration platform that aggregates data from exploration, drilling, completion, reservoir, production and more. And be confident that you're taking the best approach in every situation by basing decisions on all relevant data.

Uncover hidden patterns in your data. Reveal connections not evident before by linking all relevant data — from non-operational variables to drilling operational parameters and drilling system designs. Probabilistic approaches and advanced analysis of decline curves methodology combine with intuitive GUIs, automated forecasting models, near-real-time visual representations and what-if analyses to give reliable predictions of future production and more accurate reserve estimates.

Analyze the statistical relationship between data on relevant drilling incidents and key performance indicators, given geomechanical constraints.

Predict adverse events in near-real time, and avoid hazardous situations, delays, accidents and unexpected shutdowns. Compare real-time production data rates and type curves against forecasted trends.

Segment fields via well profile clustering, and automatically route alerts to experts. Dig out unexpected potential, and find the sweet spots for your economic bottom line.

Then confidently explore shale gas, shale oil, ultra-deep water, tight gas, coal bed methane, heavy oil and oil sands.Vanguard Predictive Planning is the leading Integrated Business Planning platform, leveraging predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and advanced automation.

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Deeply integrate real-time chat and Salesforce data into documents, spreadsheets, and slides. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting (PBF) should serve to support the business in understanding how its on-going activities. The Institute of Business Forecasting and Planning is the membership organization for S&OP, forecasting, demand planning, business analytics, and supply chain professionals.

EY’s global Analyst Relations professionals work with the analyst community to assist them with their research and to help them gain insights into how we deliver value for our clients. The Institute of Business Forecasting and Planning is the membership organization for S&OP, forecasting, demand planning, business analytics, and supply chain professionals.

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