Feedurbrain copywriting a book

Mastering the art of copywriting can take years of experience. Copywriting can be an amazing career, especially today. Learn and get started with techniques taught by the greats right away, and watch your own copywriting skills come to life!

Feedurbrain copywriting a book

And Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero… who has been a dominant female freelance copywriter for many years. And Chris Haddad… whose selling prowess has landed him on the Rachael Ray television show.

And Dr Harlan Kilstein… who has been a highly-paid and much sought-after pioneer in Internet marketing for dozens of niches.


These men and women have written for the cream of the Internet marketing world… for entrepreneurs of every stripe in the business world… and for the largest direct mail outfits on the planet. And they discovered that teaching is one of the biggest joys in life. Now, if this program is fun for hardcore professional writers and marketers… … can you imagine what kind of thrill and adventure it can be for you as a student?

I created this beast by combing through my entire archive of top ads, and pulling out the snarling phrases and specific words that pumped up the response rates.

World-class hooks and headlines RELY on using the exact right word to get your point across. And here is a deep collection of the language choices that have defined my now-legendary career.

For years now, professionals and other insiders I know have kept this report near their desks when writing the really important stuff.

They read through it for inspiration and ideas on how to craft their own hooks, headlines and killer copy. Each ad is backed up with commentary, insights, and an explanation of how it was created and why it worked. Swipe files of my ads alone have kick-started the careers of countless copywriters, and fueled the best years of oodles of entrepreneurs.

Would you like to have a place to turn to experienced marketers and small business owners who have been there and done that… ready to answer whatever questions you have on software, hiring, running a growing business… whatever else is holding you back? This makes the MRIC a tremendous resource to have for advice and tactics on the details of running a business.

I strongly recommend you sign up for You just let us know what day you want your personal coaching to begin. Any day in the next two weeks. Your SWS Coach, a seasoned, professional teacher, will help you cruise through every exercise You will be mentored by someone whose copy and marketing know-how has produced millions in sales for themselves and their clients.

Each class has no more than about 20 students. This is very personal, very one-on-one, and very focused on your learning progress. This is real-world learning at its best. What time is the class?

feedurbrain copywriting a book

Any darn time you want it to be! Because you have instant access to the training videos when you order today, you can begin the lessons today.

feedurbrain copywriting a book

There are no live webinars or calls you need to schedule your life around. No deadline for meeting any specific task. All of the lessons, exercises, and bonuses are there waiting for you, 24 hours a day.

You can work on an exercise and post your results — or your questions — in your virtual classroom any time of the day or night. Some SWS Students have zoomed through the program in a few weekends. Others have spaced everything out, going through the materials over their lunch hour… or turning off Netflix a few nights a week.

The high-octane inspiration you pick up here will fuel your tank for a long, long time. Meet your SWS Coach I personally mentored Lorrie when she broke into the copywriting and direct response marketing business 15 years ago.

Which is not often these days. Lorrie will offer you a unique perspective on my Simple Writing System.

Your notes are done for you. Lifetime access to new lessons. Learn from some of the top marketers and trainers in the biz.Honestly, a lot of copywriting books are like years old and super boring. This book’s easy to read and is loaded with practical tips and strategies for how to turn words into cash.

Plus, it covers a TON of different aspects of copywriting, like long vs. short copy, headline formulas, and even how to design your ads. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means, without written permission from the Publisher.

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Skills: Book Writing, Copywriting, Creative Writing, eBooks, Ghostwriting. See more: writer needed to create content on the italian language will work part time with a flexible schedule freelance remote job, help needed for writing a book in philadelphia. Here are 25 copywriting books we recommend to help you become a better copywriter!

Follow the steps and formulas in these books to enhance your skills. Here are 25 copywriting books we recommend to help you become a better copywriter!

Follow the steps and formulas in these books to enhance your skills. If you are looking for the ebook On the Art of Writing Copy (4th Edition): The Best of Print, Broadcast, Internet, Direct Mail, Social Media by Herschell Gordon Lewis in .

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