Exploring masculinity and femininity in the house of the spirits by isabel allende

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Exploring masculinity and femininity in the house of the spirits by isabel allende

These themes go hand in hand to develop the story and the characters while also giving the novel itself a mind of its own. That perception is emphasised by the role of sexism in the novel.

It highlights her ideologies and beliefs. The unapologetic use of sex as a theme adds to that. Nivea for instance was an activist and could be considered as one of the very first women to openly fight for women rights.

She utilised her wealth and social power as a tool to bring awareness to issues that she was passionate about. This is a huge contrast to some of the things that the men in Macondo with power and wealth did. These women are women who had quiet power.

Their powers were not tangible; they were supernatural and attached to their personalities because of this their power were used for good deeds because they were good people.

It was also portrayed through the way the women held themselves and pulled through challenging times. Ferula would not be considered as a feminist based on her character and her actions but one must acknowledge the strength that she possessed.

Exploring masculinity and femininity in the house of the spirits by isabel allende

Even though she appeared meek at times and had a crazy and harmful martyr complex, she could pull through a lot of things on her own when Esteban basically abandoned her.

That is the quite power I mention.

The House Of The Spirits by airiz Mangaoil on Prezi If you have the opportunity to curl up with a good book tonight, I suggest stopping by your local library or bookstore to grab one of these gems from some frank and funny women.
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Find sample role of media in stereotyping essays Questions About Women and Femininity Why do the women of the del Valle and Trueba families all bear names referring to something white, light-colored, or luminescent?

Transito for instance, despite coming from a very hard life managed to become a very successful woman in her own right. These women who were to some extent treated as beneath the men turned out to be extraordinary women and far better than the men and they redefined what a woman was in their society.

This is where the sexism comes in. Considering women activist and feminism were appearing and fighting for rights, of course sexism was taking place and having a huge influence on the way society operated.

Exploring masculinity and femininity in the house of the spirits by isabel allende

Characters like Esteban represented that. He was perhaps the most influential male character in the novel, he had a lot of power, wealth and he was well respected for the most par and he was also the perfect and most poisonous balance for the femininity presented in the novel.

His role, no matter how unagreeable, was very vital. The negative was the fact that he notoriously abused his power and wealth. He was famous for abusing and raping some of the females in Tres Marias.

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Although that was so, the focus is on the sexism that he portrayed as a character. Esteban, in simple terms, viewed women as a source of his pleasure and thus subjected and treated them per that belief.

His acts of violence against women and his family came from his deep sense of loneliness and from how miserable he was. He abused his power and was very forceful because of that to fill up that emptiness. The presence of Alba later in the novel brought a calm to his life but prior to all that, he imposed a lot of gender roles in the lives of the women around in.

The most notable one being the instance where he leaves Ferula no choice but to look after their sick and dying mother. He acknowledges that women are in a sort of captivity based on the roles that are pushed on them by society.

Some of the roles parallel people in the world Allende lived in. Characters like Clara and Nivea and Esteban were not just figments of her imagination because we as readers could see within them people we could identify as being quite like them in terms of their way of thinking and their behaviours.

This further enhances the novel and makes it quite an engaging read.Whereas men play a violent, destructive role in The House of the Spirits, women provide the connecting, constructive force by which knowledge is transmitted and families are built.

Crimes against women provide the impetus for the plot in The House of the Spirits – it is the murder, rape, and torture of women that provokes the narrator to tell the story in the first place, and with her.

Isabel Allende’s first novel, House of the Living Spirits, was written from a woman’s point of view, although the arrogant and hostile father and husband, Esteban, sometimes acts as the narrator, the majority of the novel is written with a woman’s perspective in mind.

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The House of the Spirits Theme of Women and Femininity

Introduction Isabel Allende‟s “trilogy,” The House of the Spirits, Daughter of Fortune, and Portrait in Sepia, preserves the necessary function of providing a vehicle of authority for the feminine narrative which was previously lacking in literature of the Americas.

Book Reviews. Reviews: The Real Wealth of Nations: Creating a Caring Economics. ~ Isabel Allende, author of The House of the Spirits Riane Eisler to Speak on Transforming Masculinity, Femininity, Spirituality, and Society: From Domination to Partnership.

Dec 01,  · Isabel Allende’s The House of The Spirits explores the themes of feminism and sexism and how each ideology influences the characters.

These themes go hand in hand to develop the story and the characters while also giving the novel itself a mind of its own.

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