Enablis business plan competition 2012 best

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Enablis business plan competition 2012 best

NetHope Academy — a six-month program that provides computer science students with both classroom and on-the-job IT skills training — translates vocational training into full time professional employment for young Rwandan adults.

In fact, NetHope expects that more than 80 percent of students graduating from the program today will be in full-time IT positions within the next three months. Rwandan students began their NetHope Academy journey in Kigali with two weeks of intensive classroom and online training where they developed the most current and relevant IT skills.

The students then began their internships, where they gained nearly six months of on-the-job experience that allowed them to refine the skills they learned in the classroom.

Employment opportunities, however, are often limited to those who have work experience. NetHope Academy provides training and certification in the most relevant technical skills, supplemented with practical on-the-job work experience and daily mentoring and guidance.

As a result, graduates of the program are fully competent in the current IT sector and highly employable. NetHope Academy also provided the students with job placement assistance and connected them with mentors who provide regular guidance and evaluation.

In addition to its traditional NetHope Academy program, NetHope recently launched a new program optimized for students who aspire to become IT entrepreneurs vs.

IT professionals like the students enrolled in the traditional NetHope Academy program. NetHope is partnering with Enablis, a Canadian-based nonprofit organization that supports entrepreneurs in the developing world, to facilitate its entrepreneurial academy in Kenya, Rwanda and Ghana.

Students will be admitted based on how well they compete in a business plan competition, and the top students will receive mentorship from current entrepreneurs.

enablis business plan competition 2012 best

Select entrepreneurs will receive seed funding to pursue their business plans.The JCI Best Business Plan competition was officially launched at Sci-bono Discovery Centre, in Newton, Johannesburg. At the event, attended by about 30 entrepreneurs, presentations on the UN Global Compact as well as the details of the competition were made.

The University of Washington Foster School of Business’ Business Plan Competition had a record amount of seed funding and record participation. Winning start-ups are innovating in sectors like hyper-local agriculture, functional fashion, health care patient tracking technology and alternative forms of mobile advertising.

AGcerez won the TiE International Business Plan Competition ( February in Delhi, India) to gain a place in the finals of the Rice Business Plan Competition (the world's richest competition in terms of prize money; April in Houston, Texas).

Business schools have an elevator pitch for prospective students: Choose our school and win cash for your startup. Infinite Cooling from MIT wins Rice Business Plan Competition. See All News. RBPC Elevator Pitches. Facebook Live Videos. RBPC Banquet Dinner.

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RBPC - One Wild Ride! Featured Sponsors. Top. This venture made him winner of the FNB Enablis Business Plan Competition for entrepreneurship.

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He held the position of Sales Manager at Future Publishing, during which time he was responsible for four sales units covering different publications and target markets. McKinsey & Company is launching a virtual business plan competition in Second Life. Be part of the first truly global business-building contest ever held in the virtual world!

The Virtual Venture Competition is your chance to turn your innovative ideas into successful business operations in Second Life.

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