Business services greeting a customer

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Business services greeting a customer

Regulatory or script compliance validation Competitor information gathering Speech Analytics Vendors Below is a look at some of the main competitors with speech analytics solutions.

Some well-known organizations claim to offer speech analytics; however, they simply represent or repackage solutions by one of the providers below. Again, most of these allow you to tap into their speech analytics engine powered by one of the following platforms. Suite, which includes the Search, Report, and Analyze modules in an on-premise or cloud-based solution format.

The platform analyzes words used to categorize each call by reason, product, competitor, and other items; measures acoustics like call duration, silence, noise, and stress; creates key performance indicators and statistical indices; and integrates with other call center technologies.

CallMiner has a managed service offering for organizations looking for a low initial cost investment that provides access to the same speech analytics capabilities. Currently, the Eureka suite is offered as an open architecture and integration layer package supporting all levels of call centers.

CallMiner provides the integration of speech analytics with other business data, generates reports, provides searching tools for key terms, and customizes call reports to meet customers' specific needs. In andCallMiner has added functionality that enables Eureka to operate in a cloud environment and to redact sensitive data for confidentiality and full PCI compliance.

In JulyCallMiner launched the 9.

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The new EurekaLive solution provides real-time call center quality assurance and can be customized for businesses in various industries. Autonomy etalk etalk, acquired by search leader Autonomy, entered the speech analytics market with its Qfiniti Explore solution. Qfiniti Explore includes trend spotting, real-time alerts, and ad hoc reporting and searching capabilities.

It also touts its Intelligent Data Operating Layer IDOL from parent company Autonomy to develop a conceptual understanding of data to refine the matching process by identifying patterns using a patented algorithm. Qfiniti Explore rounds out etalk's suite of performance management, call recording, and e-learning products.

InExplore was overhauled to incorporate multi-channel analytics, enabling companies to access and analyze a comprehensive range of customer interactions, from voice and email to Web and social media to wiki entries, survey responses, internal CRM records, and even storefront transactions through its more than connectors to internal, external, and public data sources.

Autonomy has also recently released the HP ExploreCloud solution to enable customer to operate the analytics suite in the cloud.

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Nexidia Nexidia, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and founded in based on the research conducted at Georgia Tech, offers their Interaction Analytics product, which uses phonetics-based search capabilities to help call centers and government agencies categorize, mine, and analyze calls, surveys, email, and chats in 30 languages.

It provides drill-down reporting functionality as well as business intelligence tools such as quality monitoring, compliance, dashboarding, and performance analytics.

In FebruaryNexidia announced that they had improved audio file indexing speeds by 24 percent and search speeds by more than percent. Inthe Nexidia QC 2.

Nexidia holds more than a dozen patents in the speech analytics arena. The platform can provide contact center management with a unified view of speech and other channel communications, call flows, surveys, and agent desktop activity. NICE comes from a heritage of providing recording compliance to organizations and security solutions to government agencies, such as analyzing audio, video, and web content, to proactively identify security threats.

NICE has tailored its solutions to benefit the call center industry over the past several years, as evidenced by its recent acquisitions of IEX, a workforce management solutions provider, and Performix Technologies, a leader in the performance management segment of the call center market.

They recently added SaaS-based and hosted speech analytics offerings to their product and service suite.

Business services greeting a customer

NICE Systems is the worldwide leader in speech analytics with an estimated 29 percent market share. During an intensive third-party review, NICE received perfect scores in customer satisfaction in the innovation and speech analytics categories as well as the top performance rating for ease of configuration, flexibility, root cause analysis, and discovery.

The combination of eglue's solutions and NICE's SmartCenter suite of intent-based solutions - now marketed as the Real Time Guidance product - will allow contact centers to turn data from customer interactions into real-time business impact by providing agents with a next-best action recommendation during a call or chat session based on the real-time analytics of the interaction that had occurred to that point.

This acquisition will help NICE to incorporate real-time analytics into their product offering. UTOPY offered on of the leading speech mining and analytics solutions as part of the SpeechMiner suite, which allowed users to process and index audio files, translate and categorize speech data, conduct ad hoc and drill-down reporting to better analyze event information, and segment data into user-defined categories based on business need.

SpeechMiner also offered a customizable workflow feature that establishes executive-level dashboards for core initiatives. Genesys Labs has rolled the SpeechMiner capabilities into the workforce optimization suite.

Impact Speech Analytics is a full suite of call mining, analysis, and reporting solutions. The Essentials product includes basic speech analytics capabilities needed by and targeted to smaller call center operations.

Verint also offers the Impact Advanced Speech Analytics solution for enterprise customers. These offerings combine the historical expertise of both Verint and Witness Systems, whom Verint acquired in InVerint bought out majority owner Comverse Technology.

InVerint acquired KANA Software, a provider of on-premise and cloud-based customer engagement optimization solutions. For small and medium companies, Verint offers the Impact Speech Analytics Essentials product, an out-of-the-box solution.

Best Practices for Speech Analytics Implementation Before selecting and deploying a speech analytics solution, a call center manager needs to assess, and perhaps modify, current processes. For example, does a mechanism exist today that provides a flow of critical information and customer feedback from the call center to other operating areas such as marketing, engineering, or executive management?Business Cards Affordable Custom Business Card Designs.

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Leave a lasting impression with a high quality, full color, customized business card from Overnight Prints. Speech analytics is at the forefront of the corporate push to make intelligence gained from Big Data not only valuable but actionable in real-time.

Speech analytics offers the ability to create meaningful voice data and interaction trends to help companies improve services, reduce costs, and grow.

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