Brothers and keepers

Tradition Developing countries, where the most important reserves of the biosphere are found, continue to fuel the development of richer countries at the cost of their own present and future.

Brothers and keepers

He was the only kid without a Trapper Keeper.


Which, at that point, is all I had hoped for. From the start, they were an enormous success: To date, some 75 million Trapper Keepers have flown off store shelves. They were transformed into a Trivial Pursuit game piece. In fact, Trapper Keeper inventor E.

Bryant Crutchfield was just looking for the next back-to-school item, and he did it the old fashioned way—through market research. Those students were taking more classes, and had smaller lockers. Thinking back to that Harvard report, a lightbulb went off.

Portfolios in notebooks were a great idea, the rep said, but why not make the pockets vertical instead of horizontal? Image courtesy of Mead. Folders with vertical pockets, called PeeChees as in, peachy keenhad been around since the s and were sold on the West Coast, but they had never made the leap across the Rockies—so Crutchfield was doubtful.

First, he took sketches of the portfolios and notebooks to a group of teachers to find out if there was truly a need for that kind of thing.

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The group said that student organization was a major problem, and the teachers would welcome any product that would help in that regard. Next, Crutchfield created a physical mock-up.

Brothers and keepers

Then he designed a three-ring binder that held those portfolios and closed with a flap. Students could drop the notebook, and the contents would stay securely in place. That came from his research and development manager, Jon Wyant. Have you got any ideas?

Photo courtesy of E. He and other Mead representatives went to schools with the Trappers and Trapper Keeper, talking to students and teachers to get feedback.

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He also looked for input a little closer to home, from his year-old daughter and year-old son: And once he was happy with the result—a PVC binder with plastic, pinchless rings they slid open to the side instead of snapping opena clip that held a pad and a pencil, and flap held firmly closed by a snap—it was time to run a test market, which would help them determine if the product was truly viable.

Patents on two key Trapper Keeper features: Images courtesy of Google Patents.Faithkeepers gives face and voice to the humanitarian crisis and genocide affecting millions in the Middle East as a result of religious and ethnic persecution. The chosen test market was Wichita, Kansas.

In August , Mead aired the commercial there and rolled out its Trapper portfolios and Trapper Keepers. We are one human family whatever our national, racial, ethnic, economic, and ideological differences.

We are our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers, wherever they may be.

The Keepers' Code

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