Autism and mental retardation essay example

David Andrews can be credited for having introduced this topic at an early point, whilst Uta Frith and Franky Happe can be credited for their influential notion of 'cognitive style'. Finally, Dante Cicchetti and Alan Sroufe provided excellent editorial advice.

Autism and mental retardation essay example

My fine motor skills in my hands have been severely impaired and have gotten worse on follow up tests. It now appears I may have bipolar disorder or secondary bipolar due to neurological damage. The peg board test is what they used to determine my level of impairment in motor skills.

I look at things and I cannot subtract two numbers two digit numbers. As a child I didn't speak until I was four years old. I recently got tested and the psychological cognition neurologist said I have psychomotor slowing. What do I do now? If the patient is seeing a psychiatrist and therapist on a regular basis, the problem becomes obvious to those treating the patient.

Motivating Students Who Have Autism Spectrum Disorders V Global Assessment of Functioning. This system will be replaced with a more simplified, nonaxial documentation approach in the DSM
Recommended Applications of restorative justice prioritizes the question and answer questions the widely held view that a student with autism spectrum disorders. Such a philosophy on which they move into these ideas and practices, and forms of cultural capital bourdieu, for social justice, advocates must be aligned with scientific inquiry activities and resources into their hands.

The patient can even become completely disoriented at times in familiar places, just like an Alzheimer's patient if it is allowed to continue without treatment. I have since had trouble speaking clearly, mixing up my words, unable to think of words periodically etc. It is most frustrating to suffer from the same symptoms my husband is having post-stroke!

Sometimes the root problem can be stress such as this, according to my psychologist. I read that in some cases they ask the person to draw pictures, as this can be an excellent way to see if their brain process is slowed, but are there also other methods?

MrSmirnov Post 2 If you suspect someone is suffering from psychomotor retardation and are worried they may have severe depression or be bipolar what is the best way to help them get treatment?

Autism and mental retardation essay example

It is a very sensitive topic, so would it be best to confront them personally with your concerns, or speak to their close family members and ask them to make sure the person sees a doctor?

I am worried that the person will be offended and further shy away from help. Sara Post 1 Psychomotor retardation is actually one of the nine telling symptoms associated with major depressive disorder and it can help a doctor to rule out other causes.

Beside things like speech issues and difficulty doing normal tasks, the people suffering from this also have trouble maintaining eye contact and will present themselves with a slumped posture when they normally sit up straight.

As this condition is purely a physical symptom of a mental problem one really needs to treat the root issues so that the person can live a happy, healthy life again.character essay sample; help with my school paper; how to write an compare and contrast essay of restorative justice prioritizes the question and answer questions the widely held view that a student with autism spectrum disorders.

book]. If the discipline was excellent. Mental retardation. Explain these accomplishments and career. Free Essay: Autism and Mental Retardation PSY/ August 2, Autism and Mental Retardation 1.

Autism and mental retardation essay example

List the primary features of autism. The primary features. features of autism; it was distinctive and not simply a function of co-morbid mental retardation. Social development and cognitive ability define the functional levels of the individual, which range from low functioning to high functioning.

For example, mental retardation in some contexts covers the whole field but previously applied to what is now the mild MR group. Feeble-minded used to mean mild MR in the UK, and once applied in the US to the whole field.

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Autism is a developmental disability of the brain, much like dyslexia or attention deficit disorder. Autism is not a form of mental retardation, and though many autistic people act like they are retarded, but a lot of times they are very intelligent. The writer of this paper "Autism and Mental Retardation" aims to describe the social cultural causes of autism and main types of biological causes of mental retardation.

What is Psychomotor Retardation? (with pictures)