An argument whether united kingdom should opt to join the single european currency

Print The results of the Brexit referendum are in, and it is chaos. The United Kingdom is leaving the European Union. Prime Minister David Cameron is stepping down.

An argument whether united kingdom should opt to join the single european currency

Share via Email Photograph: He asked audio what currency an independence Scotland would have, how much of the UK's national debt it would incur and about its plans for defence, saying: These are the big arguments that we need to engage in.

If the Scots vote "yes", negotiations would begin on issues great and small, such as how to divide the national debt and North Sea oil revenues, nuclear bases on the Clyde and the sharing of defence capabilities, and Scotland's membership of the EU.

Most international lawyers say that Scotland would have to reapply. The division of Czechoslovakia in required 30 treaties and 12, legal agreements.

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But is it true? The question Would an independent Scotland be forced to join the euro?

There is a rather large debate going on in the United Kingdom. This debate asks whether or not we should opt to join the single European currency, just as many other European countries such as France and Germany have. There are two sides to this argument, both being very strong and convincing. 17 Apr Financial Times: Record loss as Lloyd's plans altered structure. LLOYD'S of London hopes to soften the shock of another record loss totalling more than £2bn by announcing plans within the next few weeks for a radical restructuring of the insurance market's operations.. The Lloyd's "business plan," however, will not provide for an . Thinking Outside the Box: A Misguided Idea The truth behind the universal, but flawed, catchphrase for creativity. Posted Feb 06,

I'm going to talk to the legal experts. Do you know of any evidence that could help decide the question? Get in touch below the line, email me at polly.

A spokesman for the Scottish finance secretary John Swinney told the Sun: An independent Scotland will remain in the EU. But earlier this week constitutional and EU experts warned that Scotland would have to reapply for membership of the European Union as a new state and that, as a new member state, it would be expected to join the euro forcing them into the currency when it is facing the most serious crisis in its history.

An argument whether united kingdom should opt to join the single european currency

Jo Murkensa researcher at London School of Economics who has written extensively on the potential consequences of Scotland ending the union, said that there was "no automatic right" for a new Scottish nation to be a member of the EU, and that it would require the unanimous backing of existing members.

He blogged earlier this week: Continued membership would only be possible with the approval of all plus member states. An independent Scotland would have to join the EU as a new accession state, a process which could take many years.

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Murkens reiterated the most widely held interpretation of the requirements for joining the European Union: The House of Commons Library published a research note on the implications for European Union membership of Scotland becoming an independent state in which in made that conclusion: EU Member States, with the exception of Denmark and the UK, are expected to join the single currency if and when they meet the criteria.

Five of the twelve states joining the EU since have gone on to join the euro. Whether Scotland joined the euro would have implications for its post-independence monetary policy, and the size of its liability for loans provided to countries facing sovereign debt problems. However, that view is contested.

In this blogStephen Noona long-standing policy official at the SNP and qualified EU lawyer, argues that in fact the treaties of the EU state that Scotland may not have to join the euro.

He writes in a personal capacity: However, there is another step. These articles apply to all Member States without a euro opt out, whether old or new, whether accession or not.

Article TFEU sets out that "Member States with a derogation" do not participate in the single currency or monetary union. Article TFEU then makes clear that euro membership is not automatic.

Noon's interpretation appears to rely on Scotland retaining the derogation Britain has in Europe on the euro. On this Jo Murkens wrote on his blog: The loss of membership status following separation means that Scotland would no longer benefit from the UK's derogation from the single currency.

An independent Scotland would not inherit the opt-out the UK negotiated for the Treaty of Maastricht. So whether an independent Scotland is forced to join the euro or not comes down to whether it is given special dispensation to remain a part of the European Union with Britain's conditions, or whether it joins as a new accession state.

The question

The House of Commons library research paper mentioned above reaches a sensible conclusion on this — that there is no legal precedent and that the outcome it therefore likely to come down to political negotation between Scotland and the EU. There is no precedent for a devolved part of an EU Member State becoming independent and having to determine its membership of the EU as a separate entity, and the question has given rise to widely different views.

There are at least three different possibilities under international law for a newly-independent Scotland:INCONVENIENT TRUTHS "You can either be informed and be your own rulers, or you can be ignorant and have someone else, who is not ignorant, rule over you.".

1. What is Brexit actually? On June 23, , British voters will decide whether they want to leave the European Union, a possibility widely . UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, works to deliver a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young person's potential is .

So whether an independent Scotland is forced to join the euro or not comes down to whether it is given special dispensation to remain a part of the European Union with Britain's conditions, or. This is a big document and can take up to 30 minutes to download. Mr SinclairThe Legal Advisers have helped me in redrafting the opening passage of that draft and IThe above listed Cabinet document(s), which was/were enclosed on this file.

For the rest of Major's premiership the main argument was over whether Britain would join the planned European Single Currency. Some leading Conservatives, including Chancellor Ken Clarke, favoured joining and insisted that Britain retain a completely free choice, whilst increasing numbers of others expressed their reluctance to caninariojana.comcal party: Conservative.

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