An analysis of the roswell incident in new mexico

This date—or "about three weeks" before July 8—appeared in later stories featuring Brazel, but the initial press release from the Roswell Army Air Field RAAF said the find was "sometime last week", suggesting Brazel found the debris in early July. As described in the July 9, edition of the Roswell Daily RecordThe balloon which held it up, if that was how it worked, must have been 12 feet [3. The rubber was smoky gray in color and scattered over an area about yards [ m] in diameter.

An analysis of the roswell incident in new mexico

In the summer ofsomething crashed on the Foster Ranch in south-central New Mexico. The site was about 30 miles southeast of the small town of Corona, but it was 75 miles northwest of the larger town that gave this event its name: What that object was, what the government said it was, and what the public thought it could be has created a near-mythical confusion that has lasted over 70 years now.

So perhaps it was inevitable that the debris collected from the New Mexico scrub would come to be associated with alien life and contact from another world. This idea is so magnetic that even today around half the population of the United States believes aliens have visited Earth at least once, and Roswell is Ground Zero for the belief that they crashed here.

In fact, it arguably makes the story less, well… less cool. This is because what really happened at that ranch in New Mexico inseparated from the fiction surrounding it, is a pretty interesting story on its own. To understand how the Roswell incident blew up the way that it did, it helps to have some context regarding other events going on at the time.

Inthe United States had recently emerged victorious from World War II, a war that was to a great extent fought in the sky with at the time advanced technology. Early rockets had made news and jet aircraft were making test flights all over the American Southwest.

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Add to that the sudden appearance of the atomic bomb — a product of super-secret government research — and the mysterious air it gave the area around Alamogordo, which is just a few miles west of Corona.

This was the first close encounter to make the news as contact with unknown flying objects. Mishearing what Arnold said about his sighting, story-hungry reporters took the flying saucer angle and ran with it in their stories as a gag.

Then something went down at the Foster Ranch. On the morning of July 3,rancher Mac Brazel found some debris scattered over about square yards near a service road on the ranch where he worked.

Later reports became muddled, but his first description to the press was of finding strips of papery material that were covered with shiny foil.

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He also said he found broken strips of lightweight wood and plastic, some of which had odd symbols on it, and spongy bits of rubber. He described the foil as having small metal grommets embedded in it as if a cord used to pass through them. He specifically described finding sticks to the reporter for the Roswell Daily Record who came to take his story, and he described the debris as resembling a broken kite.

An analysis of the roswell incident in new mexico

This is the basis of the Roswell Incident, the supposed crash of an alien spacecraft. The sheriff, a man named Wilcox, reached out to report the debris to the Air Force, which he knew was operating out of Holloman and White Sands, both of which were near the ranch where the material was found.

An Air Force officer came out to meet with Brazel, who led him to the site and helped him collect most of the debris.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY.

The "Roswell Incident" refers to an event that supposedly happened in July, , wherein the Army Air Forces (AAF) allegedly recovered remains of a crashed "flying disc" near Roswell, New Mexico.

The Roswell Daily Record is still here as a driving force, presenting the facts and the speculation. Join us this year, June 30th through July 2nd, for the Roswell Daily Record celebration of the 70th anniversary of what has become known as the Roswell Incident. The Roswell Ufo Crash: What They Don't Want You to Know and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle.

An analysis of the roswell incident in new mexico

Learn more. Often called “Russia’s Roswell,” this unusual event is fully explored in this new book by Paul Stonehill, founder of the Russian Ufology Research Center, and U.K. researcher Philip Mantle. The Aztec, New Mexico, UFO incident was a hoaxed flying saucer crash and subject of the book Behind the Flying Saucers () by Frank Scully.

The incident is sometimes referred to as the "other Roswell" and Location: Lincoln County, New Mexico, United States.

THE ZETA RETICULI INCIDENT. A faint pair of stars, trillion miles away, has been tentatively identified as the “home base” of intelligent extraterrestrials who allegedly visited Earth in This hypothesis is based on a strange, almost bizarre series of events mixing astronomical research with hypnosis, amnesia, and alien humanoid creatures.

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