A poet by accident the satires in diary of a church mouse by john betjeman

Mountains Beneath the Horizon Bell William.

A poet by accident the satires in diary of a church mouse by john betjeman

Diary of a Church Mouse by John Betjeman Here among long-discarded cassocks, Damp stools, and half-split open hassocks, Here where the vicar never looks I nibble through old service books.

Lean and alone I spend my days Behind this Church of England baize. I share my dark forgotten room With two oil-lamps and half a broom. The cleaner never bothers me, So here I eat my frugal tea. My bread is sawdust mixed with straw; My jam is polish for the floor.

Christmas and Easter may be feasts For congregations and for priests, And so may Whitsun. All the same, They do not fill my meagre frame.

A poet by accident the satires in diary of a church mouse by john betjeman

I scramble up the pulpit stair And gnaw the marrows hanging there. It is enjoyable to taste These items ere they go to waste, But how annoying when one finds That other mice with pagan minds Come into church my food to share Who have no proper business there.

Two field mice who have no desire To be baptized, invade the choir.

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A large and most unfriendly rat Comes in to see what we are at. He says he thinks there is no God And yet he comes Within the human world I know Such goings-on could not be so, For human beings only do What their religion tells them to.Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

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John Betjeman, an English poet, broadcaster and writer on architecture was born on 6th April One is tempted to say of Betjeman that he is an architect masque' and a poet by accident, for architecture has always been his chief preoccupation.

A Poet by Accident, the Satires in Diary of a Church Mouse by John Betjeman PAGES 2. WORDS 1, Note that these divisions simplify the history of poetry and are useful only for characterizing general trends.

A poet in one period may have more in common with a poet in another than with contemporaries.

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